Pandemic Movie Clips

“Contagion” (2011) was a movie that showed how people reacted to a virus outbreak, and the “best case” scenario of government/CDC response to handling the situation (CDC -Atlanta was consulted).
A good film to prepare your family for a possible reality (situation awareness of people’s nature – market profiteering – timeframe of a pandemic & possible cure – risk associated with essential front-line medical workers – emergency food & PPE supplies).

However, the movie “Unlocked” (2017) should had Homeland Security concerned about taking measures for an event where U.S. citizens are intentionally infected abroad & return home as virus carriers…
DHS should have addressed their role in protection of a nation
& our need for self-sufficiency.

Either perspective would had the US stressing the importance of medical supply (face mask & PPE) reserves (and not just oil reserves).

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011) illustrated the vulnerability of our nation at the International Airports… End (pre-credits) scene graphics easily displayed the impact of airlines infecting the world ( below – watch USA in last scene, hotspots = cities with International Airports ).