Economic Cyclical Chart

Annual Cycles
This chart represents a daily averaging of the market (DOW) for a ten year period.

Note: The area between the GOLD rows (MAY 8th to SEPTEMBER 9th) fluctuate drastically.  So, caution should be exercised since these months can often have high risk…

The GREEN cells represent the best choice of Funds for a particular date.

The G Fund is considered “Saving Account”
The S Fund is associated with Large Cap stocks (DOW).
The C Fund is associated with Small Cap stocks. (S&P)
The I Fund is associated with International stocks, and hasn’t had returns worth the investment.

NOTE:  The F Fund has blossomed lately, and is considered an option other than the G Fund for being “Out of the Market”.  However, it hasn’t had returns worth the investment for several years…
       Also, the RED cells represent particular dates that the Market performed poorly (20% of the time).  So, pay close attention when these dates are approaching as to the climate of the market…