July 27, 2013

THE POSITIVE – the Powerball number “8” hits six (6) times in 52 drawings between June 2011 through November 2011 (math would have predicted it to hit twice).
(UPDATE Dec 31, 2020)  the Powerball number “18” hits eight (8) times in 45 drawings between May 2020 through October 2020 ( “12” & “15” did NOT it in 2020).

THE NEGATIVE – the Powerball number “20” hit only once between May 2010 through July 2012 (math would have predicted it to hit six (6) times in two years).

Information like this would be valuable if there was a way to read characteristics of a Powerball to know the difference between the overdue math probabilities of it being drawn versus limitations caused by physical imperfections preventing it from being drawn.

CASE IN POINT – the Powerball number “28” did NOT hit even once between February 2008 through November 2011 (math would have predicted it to hit eleven (11) times in three & a half years).

My formulas had it as a number to avoid by mid-2008. Think of how much money was wasted on Quick Picks (with 28 as the Powerball) for three (3) years…